Laura Cunrady tells us more about her role at BakerHicks in D-A-CH, and how the business is adapting to industry demands by growing its successful talent pool. 


Laura Cunrady
Laura Cunrady


Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Laura Cunrady and I joined BakerHicks as a Recruitment Specialist around six months ago. Previously, I worked at an executive search company in Zurich, doing external recruitment for a range of Swiss companies. There, I learnt a lot about diverse industries including recruiting for engineering services.


Why did you choose BakerHicks?

I was attracted to the type of work BakerHicks does and the range of skills I’d need to get involved in – recruiting engineers, architects, project managers and even support staff.

The business seems to have an established reputation, particularly in Basel, and ambitious plans for growth across the D-A-CH region. It’s taking recruitment as a profession quite seriously and I knew that I was able to contribute to the company’s plans while supporting their teams.


How did you find your first few months?

It was great! The people are really friendly and approachable, and despite joining in the middle of a pandemic, the onboarding process was well-structured, so I knew what to expect. There’s a genuine interest in my skills here and how these strengthen and support my immediate team. This is no surprise in recruitment – it’s important we find good people matches and it was no exception for me! I feel quite settled already and am working hard to help improve some of the processes while introducing some great new people to the business.


What does the recruitment role mean at BakerHicks?

We’re working closely with all our teams to ensure we fully understand their requirements and the type of people they need to fill the roles. Recruitment can be a long process and it’s important we’re efficient in how we approach things.

The company’s plans for growth means we’re likely to attract people from a range of sources – from those already wanting to join the business to more specialist positions, where we’re utilising our knowledge and networks to track the right people down. It’s an interesting part of the job, getting closer to potential applicants to understand what they do and what they’re looking for in the next stage of their career. We ultimately want to hire the best fit, so when we get a match, it can be very rewarding.


How is BakerHicks approaching recruitment in D-A-CH?

It’s about getting all the right foundations in place and ensuring that potential recruits know what we have to offer. BakerHicks is delivering some of the most exciting projects in the industry, our teams are genuinely talented people and there’s plenty of opportunity to progress.

We have the usual benefits and family-friendly policies in place, and I know from my own experience that the company is open to ideas. Communication is actively encouraged; we’re all empowered to do our jobs and to take on responsibility. This is really motivating for me.


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