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Responsible Person / Qualified Person

The purpose of BakerHicks is to fully support life sciences companies to bring innovative medicinal products to patients. This is why we offer services ranging from the analysis and Quality Control of medicinal products to the release of the product to the market by our experienced Responsible Persons (Qualified Persons). To outsource Quality Control, Quality Assurance or the Responsible Person, provides pharmaceutical companies the flexibility to remove capacity bottlenecks that arise due to varying workloads. Our experts for medicinal products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and food products are available on short notice and can help to fill gaps.



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    Our QP Competence Centre Zurich

  • Daniela Vögeli

    Qualified Person / Quality Management

    Through her work as a group leader in analytical development, she was able to gain extensive experience in project management and regulations in the GMP environment which contributes to her current work as Qualified Person.

  • Dr. Markus Hunziker

    Qualified Person / Quality Management

    Thanks to his motivation and willingness to learn, he has achieved constant professional development during his career. Even as Head of Quality Assurance, his ability to meet requirements and apply his in-depth knowledge has created his outstanding track record of results on his responsibilities.

  • Béatrice Pertoldi

    Qualified Person / PQR Expert

    After studying pharmacy at ETH Zurich, Béatrice Pertoldi worked in various community pharmacies. She then held various positions in the area of clinical trials (CRA / Senior CRA / Project Manager / SOP Manager / Head Quality Control) for twelve years. Since 2014, Béatrice Pertoldi has been working as Quality Manager for the support of the person in charge of technical engineering with a focus on PQR reviews, which led to the title of PQR Expert.

  • Dr. Walter Ganci

    Qualified Person / Quality Control / Analytics / Compliance

    Walter Ganci has a profound knowledge in the fields of quality control, analytics and compliance. He has an open-minded and highly responsible personality. Within his function as Qualified Person, he could achieve broad experiences in product releases of pharmaceutically active compounds, complaint handling and all aspects of quality assurance topics. Walter is a highly motivated person and is highly appreciated by his co-workers and supervisors.

  • Dr. Melanie Greuter

    Quality Manager

    She takes on GMP- and GDP-relevant tasks of Qualified Persons, as the establishment of quality management systems of pharmaceutical companies. She has acquired in depth knowledge of GCP by designing and implementing clinical trials and is able to monitor numerous projects in parallel. Her scientific background in clinical tumor biology supports her ability to evaluate and review complex data as well as to communicate it concisely. Her experience enables her to ideally manage the interface with clients.

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