Process Engineering


Process Engineering

Renowned for their expert knowledge and capability, our multidisciplinary teams understand operational and quality needs, applying industry leading ideas from some of the best minds in their field.

From biotechnology, to chemical and pharmaceuticals, our teams offer business case support, concept and detailed designs for new pilot plants or full scale production facilities.


  • Preparation of process flow diagrams (PFD)
  • Plant / Production line design (new / existing environment)
  • Lab, pilot and production scale
  • Concepts and studies (heating, ventilation / climate, cold, sanitary, electrical)
  • Containment solutions (all OEL levels)
  • Layouting / process architecture
  • Sizing and specification of equipment
  • Laboratory - process development and optimisation
  • System integration (stick built, skids, super skids)
  • Dispensing solutions
  • Packaging solutions - Solids / Powder / Liquids
  • Process simulation
  • Galenics processes - Material handling
  • Galenics processes - Extrusion
  • Galenics processes - Blending
  • Galenics processes - Milling
  • Galenics processes - Compaction
  • Galenics processes - Granulation
  • Galenics processes - Coating
  • As-built documentation
  • Construction and workshop drawings
  • Pipe class development
  • Preparation of functional specifications (FS)
  • Concepts for zoning and pressure cascades
  • Steel / Hybrid / Single use technology
  • Cryogenic storage
  • Cell cultivation and harvest
  • SUB (stirred vs. wave technology)
  • Purification and concentration / All technologies
  • Fill finish and logistics
  • Shared functions (buffer concept, ILD etc.)
  • Clean utilities
  • Specification and sizing for process instrumentation
  • Design and sizing of safety instrumentation
  • Loop, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams
  • Design and specification of safety control systems (SIS)
  • Design and specification of basic process control system (BPCS)
  • Wastewater treatment plant design
  • Process media supply
  • Energy balance / PinCH analysis
  • Temperature control modules (TCM)
  • Mechanical and thermal device construction
  • Principle schemes - technical building equipment
  • Design of technical building equipment

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