Asset Lifecycle Management


Asset Lifecycle Management

Through efficient and effective management of assets throughout their life cycle (from design to decommissioning), we support our customers to achieve optimal return of their assets. It starts with the right selection of assets considering full lifecycle costs, designing of equipment ensuring easy operability and maintainability (Early Asset Management) and continues with implementation of best practices for maintenance and operation.

Our people provide the knowledge to our clients for implementation of state of the art and modern asset care methodologies as Total Productive Maintenance, Reliability Engineering, Early Asset Management and Digitalisation/IoT.  We are partners of site engineering teams to perform design reviews, define asset criticality, develop risk based calibration and maintenance plans, identify and eliminate equipment failure root causes.


Our Services during Projects:

  • Review design of equipment and installation for maintainability and operability by using latest techniques (3D, AR etc.)
  • Early set-up of ALM work processes (Early Asset Management/EAM) and corresponding EAM project reviews
  • Development of maintenance & calibration plans and contracts
  • Generation of Spare Part Lists and set-up of spare parts supply concepts
  • Development of asset management strategy and maintenance programs
  • Defining data management concepts to transfer project data to lifecycle data efficiently
  • Providing training during production ramp-up to transfer know-how from project to user


Our Services during Use of Equipment:

  • Optimisation of maintenance and calibration plans by assessing potential failure modes and failure characteristics (FMECA, RCMs)
  • Development of work instructions for maintenance and calibration execution
  • Equipment Failure investigations (RCA) and analysis of reliability data to identify improvement opportunities
  • Execute projects to design out of non-reliabilities
  • Optimising of spare parts inventory by balancing between capital costs and availability requirements
  • Assessing maturity level of asset management processes in site engineering organisation to identify improvement opportunities
  • Consulting and coaching of Best practices to support TPM implementation
  • Implementation support for Computerising and Digitalisation of asset management processes (CMMS, mobile maintenance, condition monitoring/IoT, equipment failure prediction)


Our Services during Decommissioning:

  • Development and execution of decommissioning plans considering HSE and quality risk
  • Clean up of documentation and asset lifecycle data


  • Early Asset Management Project Reviews
  • Maintainability & Operability Design Reviews
  • Development of Maintenance Plans
  • Early Spare Part Management
  • Efficient Data Management
  • Set-up of Work Procedures and Best Practices
  • Start-up Support
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Improvement of Asset Management Processes
  • Digitalisation
  • Risk-based Calibration
  • Contractor Management
  • Decommissioning Support

Further Capabilities