New Production Facility to Support the Manufacturing Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)


New Production Facility to Support the Manufacturing Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

Our customer a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to increase the production capacity of monoclonal antibodies as bio-pharmaceutical drug substance using mammalian cell cultures. As a result, a new greenfield facility plant of 25’000 m2 was planned in Singapore.

Key Results

  • Delivery of a over 25’000 m2 greenfield facility
  • Area lead responsibility – for upstream, buffer & media preparation, CIP, laboratories, clean media
  • Integrated superskid approach resulted in accelerated schedule
  • Delivery of both fixed and disposable technologies 
  • Intelligent coordination of 3D models


Key Project Features

  • State of the art concept plan
  • Modular process and automation design
  • Flexible QC laboratory and small scale disposable design
  • Innovative materials warehousing solution
  • Superskid vendor coordination through design, construction and installation
  • International project coordination


Our Delivery

  • Collaborative concept design with the client team with particular focus on HSE protection in the handling of highly active API’s
  • Feasibility, basic and detailed process design, laboratory and clean utilities design.
  • Lead teams of contractors through the design, commissioning and qualification process
  • Vendor presence during superskid construction process
  • Fully modular concept allowing installation of two further bioreactor trains and additional DSP line
  • Coordinated vendor and main plant 3D models


Value to Our Customer

  • Delivery of a greenfield, state of the art production facility
  • Innovative skid and superskid approach
  • Modular technology
  • Innovative, lean laboratory process design allowed integration of the laboratory into the main production building


Key Applied Capabilities

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