Hydro-Electric Power Station Electrical and Automation Systems


Hydro-Electric Power Station Electrical and Automation Systems

Our client required a full update of the hydro-electric power station control system to the latest technology.


Key Results

  • Significant increase in efficiency through a remote, SMART preventative maintenance system
  • Increase in the operational reliability through use of cutting edge technology
  • OPEX savings through customised technical solutions


Key Project Features

  • Increase the efficiency and reliability of the power station infrastructure through a full automation upgrade
  • Connect the running installation to the client’s control system


Our Delivery

  • Full responsibility for the project delivery to achieve the client’s targets, including optimised time and resource profiles
  • Detailed capacity analysis of the running installation to a challenging schedule
  • Collaboratively developed a customised conceptual design for the integration of SMART technology
  • Automation of the turbine drives and the water level control, including shock impulse, vibration monitoring, camera system and digital logbook
  • Connection to the client’s external SCADA system
  • Installation coordination and commissioning execution
  • Operator and client training


Value to Our Customer

  • Delivery of a state of the art, reliable and efficient electrical and automation design
  • Data driven capacity analysis tools allowed optimisation of the selected technology
  • Collaborative approach to ensure high value solution
  • Detailed project management and execution model ensured on-time and to budget delivery


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